When the time come to have some type of service for your office cubicles.  Your facilities director will have comfort in knowing that your company can rely on the technical experience of my cubicle installation team.  From small business to large corporate offices "the Cubicle Guys" will provide the manpower and equipment to perform large scale cubicle installations, Office cubicle relocation projects and Office cubicle Removal Services.  Count on us for Service, Reliability and Professionalism....

Our Capabilities

Quality Pre-Owned Workstations

The Cubicle Guy often carries a large selection of pre-owned cubicles that we offer to the small business community for very reasonable rates.   The prices include the delivery and installation of our offered products.  Send us your Floor Plan or we can come to your office and take measurements to produce a simple Floor Plan for your project.  

Now Offering New Office Furniture Products

The Cubicle Guys now offer new office furniture products from our catalog of Chairs, Desk, Filing Cabinets, Conference Tables and more.  Delivery Services for these products are available as well.  Contact us by email and a Sales Representative will respond with our special discounted rates from our catalog.  

Start Up and Small Businesses

We've got all your needs covered.. We provide cost efficient, quality pre-owned cubicle workstations for your business.  We can create a floorplan and consult on specifications that meet industry standards for your electrical connections, your data,  and voice connections and more.   

Our Services

Delivery and installation Services

Of course our primary business is installation of cubicle workstations.  When you purchase cubicles it is very important to have a highly rated, experienced  installation team available to assemble your workstations.  Reliable service to meet your project deadlines is a must.  Your time is your most valuable asset.  The Cubicle Guys understand this...and our service is dedicated to that sound principle.  See our recommendations on "Linkedin.com".  For all your cubicle Installation needs please consider

"The Cubicle Guys"

Space planning

        and Design 

The Cubicle Guys will assist with planning your office lay out.  We can develop a floor plan that will show the the most efficient use of your office space.  This Service is offered to our customers who have made a commitment to our services or pre-owned workstations.  This is a great savings to your business.

Modular Furnture Services 

a             A Sole Proprietorship Company


Cubicle Workstations



New Products